Project Narrative Report

Bakol Region

Project Name: Sanitation Campaign, Drug and Cash Distribution Project of Elberde Project Location: Elberde Town, Bakol Region
Project Duration: Six Days, Started 22 December, ended 27 December in 2012
Funded and implemented by: Africa Source of Help
Reported by: Elberde Branch Office



ELBERDE is one of Bakol administrative districts. It has long border with Somali region of Ethiopia on the north as well as Hiran region on the east.The town locates on the Somalia-Ethiopia border with distance of ninety kilometres to Huddur on the south and Aato and Yeed Districts to the west. District population is estimated 55000 of which 65% are pastoralist whereas 35% are urban.

During the civil war most of public infrastructures has been either destroyed or caused to a severe damages. For instance Elberde Hospital has been levelled to the ground and as of today there is no any medical centre where people could go for disease diagnosis and treatment. Pregnant women and children are the most suffering group. The town is accommodating a big number of IDP’s; three thousand families are estimated to be currently living in the town. Diseases like diarrhea and malaria are high among the IDP’s as there are no latrines and human faeces are seen all over the places. Africa Source of Help has implemented small but important activities in the community of Elbarde in collaboration with the District Commissioner as well as some elders from the council of elders.

The social, economic, and geological background of the area is very much at the grass roots level.  Poor sanitation and lack of a reliable supply of safe water has serious consequences for children and mothers, as they are medically, socially, culturally and physically vulnerable.Specifically, we aim to address the problems of clean water coverage, the incidence and prevalence of water-borne diseases (such as diarrhea and intestinal infections), water-washed diseases (such as cholera and TB), poor sanitation practices in the community and the vulnerability of mothers and children.

Project Assessment

In collaboration with the District Commissioner as well as some elders from the council of elders, an assessment has been successfully carried out to identify needs priority.

  • Sanitation Campaign

Africa Source of Help has organized a group of women in the number of thirty, these women were divided in to three sub groups, each sub group headed by a woman who will supervise the work and ensure the return of tools loaned during the project, etc. Upon the completion of the four day sanitation campaign including collecting the rubbish in to a designated spots and burning them, these women were paid by Africa Source of Help for the job well done. Alongside this campaign our team was meeting the people out in their respective places and warn them the danger of keeping the dirty and rubbish nearby and how this can cause outbreak of various diseases. The areas that have been covered include main market, all IDP’s sections, animal market and schools.

  • Out Patients Drug Distribution

Our medical team led by our clinic officer Abshir Aden was receiving outpatients in to our clinic. Around one hundred outpatients were given consultation, health education, treatments and free medicine such as ORS, pain killers, anti-malarial bills, etc.

  • Cash Distribution

The Africa Source of Help has identified some eighty five families as the most vulnerable in the town and distributed some cash money to support their livelihood. The household head’s name was called from the list and paid out.

  • Urgent Call

Source of Help urges immediate help for the people of Elberde. The UN agencies, International NGO’s, Donors and any groups or countries who can be of any assistance to these very people are kindly appealed do so before it is too late. The sectors that draw most of attention are health, livelihood and education.

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