Emergency Food Distribution in Alikune at Dadaab, Kenya.

Emergency Food Distribution in Alikune at Dadaab, Kenya.On the 24th November 2011, Africa Source of Help has carried out an emergency food distribution in Alikune location near Dadaab as well as newly arrived IDP’s at Dadaab. This location which lies near the refugee camps of Dadaab harbours hundreds of IDP’s

 Africa Source of Help has recently distributed live-saving food and other nutritions to both of the newly Somali refugees and the low-income families in Alikune location near Dadab. On the 24th November 2011, the organization has conducted an emergency feeding program in which it has reached hundreds of Hungry people.

The food comprised following items:

SN  Item name

  1. Maize flour
  2. Wheat flour
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. DSM milk
  5. Cow peas
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