About us

Afrisohelp stands for Africa Source of Help which means the source through which or from which a help is obtained for Africa. Afrisohelp is non-governmental, non-partial, non-profit making organization founded for the progress and development of Africans. Before the NGO was finally agreed to be founded, there has been efforts undertaken by some of the current board members in Norway since late 2005. Consultative meetings followed with various community leaders at different stages in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia as to how best they can support in creating this organization. In 2006 a group of elites has started situation assessment tour in Badhadhe, Kismayu, Jamame, Jilib, Afmadow, Hagar, Bu’ale, Sakow, Salagle, Dhobley, Bardere and places in Kenya such as Liboi, Dadaab refugee camps, Garissa, Ijara and Wajer and Somali region of Ethiopia. Other developments include a website for the organization.

The organization’s name and article of association was agreed upon in 2009 succeeded by a meeting in which the organization was founded on 15th of March 2011 in Sandefjord, Norway, leading the registration of Afrisohelp in Norway on 19th of April 2011. The organization is also registered both in Somalia and Kenya.

Apart from our programs in Africa especially south Somalia,Kenya and Ethiopia, Afrisohelp is also involved in local activities here in Norway such as cultural promotion, integration and social programs, homework and mother language teaching for children of African origin, Somalian in particular.

Afrisohelp is thankful to all individuals or organizations that have helped us for their hand as Afrisohelp is moving forward from time to time for its intended goals.

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