Objectives of Africa Source of Help

Africa Source of Help is a Diaspora driven non-political and non-profit making organization operating both in Norway and in Africa. The aim of the organization is to contribute to the betterment of the lives of people of Africa through social developments framework, and integrating the African people in Norway into both the Norwegian and non-Norwegian societies, through adapting the democratic and accommodative culture of the Norwegian society and Norwegian core values of democracy.

Our main activities in Norway:

  • Social Services.
  • Integration and Participation.
  • Information and Guidance to Newly Arrived Immigrants.
  • Promotion of Culture and Diversity.
  • Our main activities in Africa:
  • To participate the reconciliation and conflict resolutions in Africa.
  • Rehabilitation and resettlement of those effected by both natural and human made disaster.
  • Emergency relief
  • To promote the social development sectors through: Building basic infrastructures such as Hospitals, schools etc.
  • Health and nutrition.
  • Environment protection.
  • Education and HIV awareness.
  • Women empowerment.
  • FGM and forced marriage.
  • Capacity building and creation of skills.
  • Orphanage centers.

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